Tottenham Kane ‘Preparing an Annual Salary of 36.3 Billion’ How much will Tottenham offer Son Heung-min!

I wonder how much 토토사이트 will prepare with Son Heung-min’s salary based on Tottenham’s sincerity.

After the 2022-2023 season, Tottenham’s top priority was renewing their contract with Harry Kane. At that time, Kane had one year left on his contract with Tottenham. Kane consistently refused to renew his contract with Tottenham, making fans uneasy. Skepticism over whether he could win at Tottenham was a factor that made Kane hesitate to renew his contract with Tottenham.

In response, Tottenham tempted Kane with money, not like Tottenham. The British Telegraph reported in July 2023 that Kane will earn 400,000 pounds per week if he stays at Tottenham. Kane is preparing to meet Tottenham manager Enze Postecoglou for the first time.

400,000 pounds is 20.8 million pounds in terms of annual salary. Finally, Kane rejected Tottenham’s offer and chose to move to Bayern Munich. Although the offer was made a year later, Kane could have become the top paid player in the Premier League had he chosen to renew his contract with Tottenham. This is because the offer is the same as Kevin De Bruyne, who is currently the highest paid player in the EPL.

The situation between Tottenham and Kane a year ago is similar to what Son Heung-min is now

The situation between Tottenham and Kane a year ago is similar to that of Tottenham and Son Heung-min now. If there is a difference, there are two. Kane and Son Heung-min have different attitudes toward renewing their contracts, and Tottenham also has a provision to extend Son Heung-min’s contract for another year.

The circumstantial factors are the same. At the end of this season, Son’s contract with Tottenham will be completed, and Son, like Kane, has strong aspiration for the trophy. As Tottenham cannot promise Son a championship right now, it has no choice but to make a good offer to Son as well.

Currently, Son is paid 190,000 pounds (about 322.35 million won) per week, the second highest paid player in Tottenham Hotspur. The current No. 1 player is Tanguy Ndombele, who is paid 200,000 pounds (330.32 million won) per week. This was also the contract that Kane received, but the deal was the highest paid player in Tottenham’s history.

The direction of Tottenham’s renewal proposal for Son Heung-min

If Son Heung-min renews his contract, the best treatment in the club’s history is expected to change. If so, it is a question of how much Tottenham will prepare. Son Heung-min’s share of Tottenham now is not much different compared to Kane. He is the team’s most scorer and the most offensive point. Outside the stadium, he is playing the same role as captain and embers.

There are three main directions for renewal that Tottenham can propose to Son Heung-min. Whether Tottenham will pass the same offer that it gave to Kane for Son Heung-min, or whether it will match the top level of the EPL, or promise to raise the amount a little more from the current contract.

Tottenham offer good contract terms for Son Heung-min

Locally, they are expecting a huge amount of contract renewal. Spursweb, which specializes in delivering news on Tottenham, said on Saturday (Korea Standard Time) that “Historically, Tottenham has not tended to offer long-term contracts to players over 30. However, according to various reports, Tottenham is ready to end this trend in order to keep Son tied to a new contract,” adding that Tottenham will offer good terms for Son.

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