Mbappe gives up Olympics to focus on Real Madrid

French soccer star Kylian Mbappe (26, Real Madrid) has made a firm decision not to participate in the Paris Olympics in his country. French media “Maxifoot” reported on Thursday that Mbappe personally expressed his intention not to participate in the Olympics.

“The club’s position is clear. I will not participate in the Olympics,” Mbappe said. “At a critical time when we have to adapt to our new team, Real Madrid, joining us from September (after the Olympics) is not the best option.”

the impact on the success of the tournament

Mbappe’s announcement of his absence is expected to be a big variable in the success of the Paris Olympics. Toto website analyzed that whether Mbappe will participate or not will be an important factor in the success of the Olympics. With the French Olympic soccer team led by coach Thierry Henry aiming for the gold medal, the possibility of Mbappe’s participation in the wild card (players over 24 years old) has been highly anticipated by many fans.

French President Emmanuel Macron also encouraged Mbappe to participate, saying, “If there is Mbappe, we will be able to show a great show,” but the situation has changed since Mbappe’s transfer. Henry excluded Mbappe from the recently announced list of Olympic candidates because the Olympics are not hosted by FIFA.

cheering for the Olympics as a fan

“Real Madrid was very frank about the Olympics. There was no negotiation, it was just rejection,” Henri said. He left a wild card spot because of Mbappe’s strong will, but Mbappe maintained his position that he would not participate in the Paris Olympics.

Mbappe said, “I will watch the Paris Olympics as a fan. I hope France will bring back a gold medal.” Mbappe’s decision to boycott the Olympics leaves many with regret, but his choice for a new challenge requires understanding and support.

Mbappe’s decision has also become a big issue on many Toto sites. Mbappe’s absence from the Olympics is expected to bring about a significant change in the performance of the French Olympic soccer team, and a change in Toto site‘s dividend rate is also drawing attention.

As Mbappe said he would support the Paris Olympics as a fan, his passion and support are expected to have a positive impact on the French team. Attention is focusing on what Mbappe’s decision will bring and whether the French national soccer team will be able to win the gold medal in his absence.

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